Samy Rio

A Souvenir’s Manufactory

Barreira A+D is glad to announce the season partnership with Domaine de Boisbuchet. This workshop will be held in English in their beautiful chateau in Lessac, France.


A Souvenir’s Manufactory



Special price for Barreira A+D students: 890€
Special price for Barreira A+D: 990€
Accommodation, full board, materials and tuition are included in the price

Fecha y horario

July 25th – July 31st

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Detalles del curso

Bamboo is one of these materials which allow all kinds of use and temporalities. Transformed into a simple daily object, a tool, or a cult object, it can easily be kept for 100 years or thrown away after a meal. This workshop creates a dialogue between this versatile material and your ideas of a souvenir object.

What can we produce in a one-week workshop that people can keep and that might represent your experience here, maybe even capture the philosophy of Boisbuchet? We are going to exploit bamboo in its many different conditions (tube, batten, or basketry, raw or very well finished) and explore its different possible applications (alone, assembled, or mixed with other materials) in order to develop small domestic objects such as vessels, attire, jewellery, toys, cooking devices, table ware, or other tools.

The objects you’ll create might remain one-offs or ultimately find their way into a small serial production of items for Boisbuchet’s visitor’s shop – in any case they’ll represent a souvenir of this week and this place.


Samy Rio

Industrial designer

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