Breaking the Waves

Barreira A+D is glad to announce the season partnership with Domaine de Boisbuchet. This workshop will be held in English in their beautiful chateau in Lessac, France.


Breaking the Waves



Special price for Barreira A+D students: 890€
Special price for Barreira A+D: 990€
Accommodation, full board, materials and tuition are included in the price

Fecha y horario

August 8th – August 14th

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Detalles del curso

Breaking the Waves is a hands on workshop which contrasts the tranquil water locations within the grounds of Boisbuchet with an exploration into creating playful surfaces and disruptive structures.

Under the guidance of envisionaires Emma Wessel and Tijs Gilde, the week will begin by uncovering possibilities to alter and adapt the classic characteristics of cork. Wanting to share their knowledge of one of natures most extraordinary products, Portuguese cork production company Amorim have kindly given participants the opportunity to explore the form, texture, and colour of this material.

Participants will then work together, towards creating three dimensional structures which combine their previous material and surface experiments to expose, challenge and manipulate the natural movement of water.

Join this workshop to prove that you can still surprise yourself if you overlook the end product and focus on the fun and qualities hidden within the process, challenging the notion that what you expect isn’t what you require.



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