Domaine de Boisbuchet x Barreira A+D [ENG]

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Barreira A+D is glad to announce the seasonal partnership with Domaine de Boisbuchet, an international research centre of design and architecture in a beautiful castle in the south west of France. Domaine de Boisbuchet invites you to experience design, architecture and art in the heart of nature, with special prices only for students of Barreira Arte + Diseño.


Jaime Hayón: Revamps Porky’s

Boisbuchet gives you the chance to design with Jaime Hayón and realize a new interior for what many famous designers call one of the world’s most exclusive party locations.


Carla Fernández: Fashion is a Resistance

You will design with Carla a combination of garments and protest signs, incorporating text and graphics that uses the language of pickets, banners, and other agit prop.We will demonstrate that another fashion system is possible; that fashion can be political and tradition is not static.


Samy Rio: A Souvenir’s Factory

We are going to exploit bamboo in its many different conditions (tube, batten, or basketry, raw or very well finished) and explore its different possible applications (alone, assembled, or mixed with other materials) in order to develop small domestic objects such as vessels, attire, jewellery, toys, cooking devices, table ware, or other tools.


Envisions: Breaking the waves

Under the guidance of envisionaires Emma Wessel and Tijs Gilde, the week will begin by uncovering possibilities to alter and adapt the classic characteristics of cork. Participants will work together, towards creating three dimensional structures which combine their previous material and surface experiments to expose, challenge and manipulate the natural movement of water.