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3D Animation and Design

3D animation is an expanding and maturing field that has reached the different areas of culture, visual communication and entertainment –cinema, advertising, video games and television. It entails a variety of artistic and technical disciplines that need qualified and creative professionals with a special sensibility to transmit movement and bring characters, objects and scenes to life.

Why study 3D Animation and Design at Barreira A+D?

• Our teachers are active professionals in the field of animation. The programme director is Raúl Colomer, winner of a Goya award, who coordinates a team of experienced animators, illustrators and FX specialists (Aitor Herrero and Javier Tostado)

• You will also have to work on the making of a short film, working collaboratively with peers designing the characters, storyboard, layout, texturing, and lighting. The team-working model that is at the core of the course will give you an understanding of the roles and functions encountered in animation production.

• Because you will work with the best computers and top-rated software for designers. We have Autodesk 3ds Max and The Foundry licenses and we are partners with Next Limit Technologies.

• Because professionals such us, Tony Bancroft, Scott Sava, Simón Varela and Jamie Thomason have given masterclasses and workshops in our school.

Our programme in 3D Design will prepare you for progression into jobs for TV, cinema and advertising, as a Freelance or in an animation or videogame studio. You will be qualified to enter a variety of production areas that use animation and work as a:

• Animator

• Matte painter

• Illuminator

• Concept Artist

• Storyboarder

• FX Artist

• Set & Prop Designer

• Character Designer

• Texture & Shade Artist

• Rigger

• VFX artist

1st Year Number of hours
Visual expression and representation 100
Image theory 50
IT 100
Photography 75
Drawing applied to animation 100
Animation techniques 125
Audio-visual language and technology 50
Script and narrative structure 75
Animation projects 150
Career orientation 50
Foreign language I 50


2nd year Number of hours
History of animation 75
Drawing applied to animation 125
Animation techniques 125
Audio-visual language and technology 75
IT applied to animation 125
Animation projects 200
Business and entrepreneurship 50
Foreign language 50
Final project 100
Work placement 100

Duration: 2 years

Starts in: September

Class times: 9.00am - 03.00pm 

Limited places.

You can make and enquire or apply for the course on or telephone 902 94 70 09, will help to guide you through the application process and answer any specific questions that you may have.