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Apple Authorized Center

Apple Authorized Center


The training program 'Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education' offers unique benefits to schools that include Apple's professional applications in their curriculm.

Success begins with quality training.

With this program students will be trained with guarantees and obtain certification for applications used by professionals.

AATCE specialized in image and sound.

The revolution of the creative sector. The audiovisual sector is constantly advancing and developing fruther through technology.

Apple professional applications are the benchmark in this field, and your students can get certified in Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and Motion.

Training with content.

Our students become expert users of professional IT applications and enter the job market with this advantage. Users and teachers can get certified in Apple professional applications and OS X, but not in iOS.

AATCE specializing in information technology.

As an Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education (AATCE) specializing in IT, our students can obtain professional certification from Apple and boost their career in information technology, business environments and B2B markets. Apple plays an important role in the major trends in information technologies such as mobile solutions and IT innovation-oriented consumer market. It is a great opportunity for specialized trainers in information technology, and at the same time implies a great challenge: the students will succeed tomorrow if they receive the best preparation today.

With the integrated development Xcode, Apple's customers have advanced tools to create innovative, high performance apps. This is why more and more specialized AATCE centers in IT centers increasingly incorporate into their curriculum content and implementation of programming for IOS with which students acquire the knowledge and skills most in demand.

Training courses,
Certification and Tutorials

Starting from scratch, you'll know the main tools of Apple in the fields of IT (Information Technology) and Pro Apps (Professional Applications). Thanks to this, you can make the most of your devices and software that accompanies them.

Following the official currilulo Apple certifications, offer certification courses that will point you to overcome the official tests that allow you to obtain various certifications. Set yourself apart from the competition and getting a clear standard test your knowledge.


101 Mountain Lion - OS X Support Essentials 10.8

201 Mountain Lion - OS X Server Essentials 10.8

Aperture 3 Level One

Final Cut Pro X Level One


Anyone can make an appointment for the completion of a certification exam. Students who opt for self-learning can take the exams in our cente through the Prometrics system after payment of an examination fee.

Please contact us to resolve any queries.