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Official Degrees

Barreira A+D is the only private College of Art in the Valencian Community that offers official degrees in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design and 3D Animation.

Our facilities are located in a former brush factory, a matchless space to inspire our students, teachers and collaborators.

Furthermore, we have our own career gateway programme: BigBangBox. It is approached from a practical point of view; on the one hand, it is targeted to bring our students closer to the reality of their careers through conferences and workshops given by outstanding professionals and through an internship period. On the other hand, this is a programme that tries to explore and go over the limits of formal education in order to boost the creativity, stimulate and be in the loop of what’s happening in the world of arts and design. With this aim, our teachers, outstanding professionals in their field, always keep up to date in the latest emerging trends and we organise special events with the best professionals at the forefront of the world of art and design.

This way, our students meet the latest trends and put their creativity in practice, because in Barreira A+D we work at a constant pace, and so does our curiosity. This is why our centre has been the most awarded College of Arts in the Extraordinary Awards given by the Valencian government.

The mainstays of Barreira:


Specialized Courses

Barreira A & D offers a wide range of specialized courses for those who want to prepare themselves more thoroughly particular aspects of their work or what they enjoy. The knowledge is very broad, and specialization is something that is added to the curriculum.

The offered specialized courses range from long-term, short-term or more thematic workshops.

To do this, we count on and collborate with partners that are well-known professionals who bring us the latest trends, and provide us with their know-how.