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Barreira Art + Design resides in a unique building: a former brush factory that has been fully restored and adapted. The building is located opposite to the historic city centre, a matchless location and space that inspires and boosts creativity. Our 3000 m2 campus has the ideal facilities to accomplish our education project: fully equipped IT classrooms with specific hardware and software, ateliers, conference hall, library, etc. We also have an exclusive venue to carry out different events and exhibitions, La Cepillería, where our students can showcase their work. But, above all, we have an excellent team of teachers; active professionals who not only encourage their students improve, but are in contact with the latest trends and other renowned professionals. This enables us to regularly schedule masterclasses and workshops to inspire and open the minds of our students, thus providing insight into their profession and the new ways of learning and working.

Computer Suites

In the world of design, in order to achieve precise technological excellence, the best bet is Apple products. As an Official Apple Authorised Training Centre we guarentee this.

At our school we have integrated Apple technology as part of our courses, which, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of our lessons, also provides the additional benefit of providing certification.

They let loose the reins on creativity: Apple products offer a wide arrange of tools that enable students to express themselves with ease in a new and more attractive way.

They enhance teaching and learning: giving a boost to creativity and provide practical and exclusive features.

The combination of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system and the mechanics of Apple computers allow us to achieve astonishing projects in an easy and powerful way.


In order to boost the creativity of our students and achieve high-performance outputs, it is essential to provide inspirational spaces to foster and develop the skills and mentality needed to succeed.


Our ateliers are used to carry out the wide variety activities scheduled thoughout the year, as well as a space that allows for a more practical lesson for our classes and courses. In addition, we also incorporate the outdoor spaces of our campus. 

La Cepillería

La Cepillería is an open space for young creative minds.

A space for our students to get inspired, establish links with other people and projects, to exhibit their work and show their ideas to the world.

A space to meet, watch, and listen.

A space to breathe inspiration.

A meeting point for artists and designers.