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Fashion Design (Equivalent to Bachelor's)

The introduction of innovative technology, fabrics and production processes are constantly changing the fashion industry, which means this is a very demanding and fast moving sector. One cannot approach the clothing and fashion products without underpinning the main concepts in relation to its technical, economic, environmental, social and cultural contexts. Our Fashion Design Programme is aimed towards the training of highly skilled professionals that can contribute to build a better society by performing a creative profession with a global reach.

Why study Fashion Design (Equivalent to Bachelor's) at Barreira A+D?

• We provide the perfect combination of practical and theoretical methods necessary for problem solving when facing aesthetic, functional or technical problems. We approach the problems that a professional might encounter during their career and when bringing a project to life.

• Our graduates Mompó, Hortensia Maeso or Noelia Navarro are a good example of the quality and experience we posses.

• We have international vocation with partnership agreements with international fashion schools.

• We are constantly organising workshops, conferences and masterclasses with successful professionals in the fashion industry. They will share with our students the latest trends in order to show them the dynamics of the market.

• You will be able to put your creativity in practise and progress in your career.

• Fashion and costume designer.

• Coolhunter and trendsetter.

• Expert in styling, artistic direction, and costume designer for film and stage productions.

• Textile and complements designer.

• Designer of corporate identity.

• Fashion designer for specific purposes: fashion sketching, tailoring and dressmaking.

• Designer and researcher of new materials, products and methods of application.

• Investigator and fashion design teacher.

1st year ECTS
Introduction to Design 4
Introduction to Projects 6
Drawing and graphic techniques 6
Space and volume 6
Descriptive geometry 6
Digital techniques 6
Photography and audio-visual media 6
Scientific basis of design 4
Historical basis of design 6
Design and entrepreneurship 4
Pattern cutting I 6


2nd year ECTS
The culture of design 6
Materials, fibres and textile structures 6
Technology and manufacture processes 6
Dressmaking 6
The history of fashion design 6
Fashion projects I 14
Digital fashion design 6
Pattern cutting II 4
English I 6


3rd year ECTS
Contemporary trends and aesthetics in fashion design 4
Projects II 14
Workshop: presenting and communicating a project 6
Fashion style 6
Marketing and communication 6
Design management 6
Printmaking 4
Digital technology and fashion design 4
Textile technology 4
English II 6


4th year ECTS
Elective courses 18
English for specific purposes: fashion 6
Introduction to Professional Development 6
Work placement 12
Final degree project 18

Duration: 4 years

Starts in: September

Class times: 09.00 am – 03.00 pm

Limited places. You can make and enquire or apply for the course on or telephone 902 94 70 09, will help to guide you through the application process and answer any specific questions that you may have.