Introduction to digital sculpting with Autodesk Alias "Concept speed modelling"


Introductory course in digital sculpting with Autodesk Alias "Concept speed modelling"

Taught by

Santiago Cogollos


From July 4th to July 8 2022


Monday to Friday 18.00h - 21:00h


15 hours




Face-to-face or online mode, the choice is yours!

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Introduction to digital sculpting with Autodesk Alias

Design in the automotive industry has always been innovative and decisive in the market. The projection and visualization of the first concepts through surfaces based on specialised software for mass production or for prototyping. In this training, the surfaces that will simulate the reflections of light on the final product will be developed, visualising it in a real way.

The objective of this course is introduce students to creating a car model using surfaces from the conceptual design stage. This will allow real-time design from 2D drawings to highly complex 3D objects.

The course is primarily aimed at students and senior graduates in design. Automotive designers, 3D modelers, Engineers and Architects. Professional creative designers or professionals with knowledge of 3D.

Study plan


1. Alias concepts

Surface modelling concept

2. Interface


Objects, entities, movements

  • Curves
  • Surfaces
  • Sub-D / Polygons

3. Set up the inputs

  • Planes
  • Sketches
  • Meshes

4. Curves creation

  • Bezier
  • splines
  • curves edition

5. Surfaces creation

  • Bezier
  • Splines
  • Surface edition

6. Volume adjustment. Detailing 7. Materials visualisation

  • Proportions
  • Highlights evaluation
  • Preparing the data for visualisation

7. Material visualisation

  • Visualisation modes
  • Real time mode
  • Material edition

Teacher staff

Santiago Cogollos

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design at Power Electronics

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