Carla Fernández

Fashion as Resistance

Barreira A+D is glad to announce the season partnership with Domaine de Boisbuchet. This workshop will be held in English in their beautiful chateau in Lessac, France.


Fashion as Resistance



Special price for Barreira A+D students: 890€
Special price for Barreira A+D: 990€
Accommodation, full board, materials and tuition are included in the price

Fecha y horario

August 8th – August 14th

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Detalles del curso

The designs we are going to make in this workshop will be a combination of garments and protest signs, incorporating text and graphics that uses the language of pickets, banners, and other agit prop.

The visual resolution will be at the service of a content that we’ll choose collectively as one part of our workshop will discus the social, environmental, political, economical, gender or other issue to attend. We are going to create powerful and eloquent statements focusing on true activism and thus requiring an earnest concern for the cause at stake.

A second layer of our work will be to learn and apply the Mexican indigenous pattern making system, which results from the joining together of square and rectangular panels. This is a unique textile origami that uses the two figures as the base from which to construct any other form using folds, pleats and stitching. If time allows we can even work using textiles that come from the region or are being disposed.

The focus of this experience will lead us to demonstrate that another fashion system is possible; that fashion can be political and tradition is not static.


Carla Fernández

Fashion designer

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