Master in AI for Design

  • Bridge the gap between technology and creativity
  • Integrate artificial intelligence into your creative practice
  • Workshops and masterclasses led by international experts from companies like Google, Uber and more

Master in AI for Design

  • Bridge the gap between technology and creativity
  • Integrate artificial intelligence into your creative practice
  • Workshops and masterclasses led by international experts from companies like Google, Uber and more


The program of the Master in AI for Design is meticulously crafted to position you at the cutting edge of design and technology, transforming you into a highly skilled professional capable of integrating artificial intelligence into your creative practice.
The curriculum bridges the gap between technology and creativity, featuring comprehensive modules that cover AI fundamentals and ethical considerations, human intelligence essentials, and AI-enhanced workflows. Each module is enriched with workshops and masterclasses led by international experts from the forefront of the AI and design industries.
These sessions provide continuous professional mentorship, enabling you to evolve your design ideas into tangible, impactful projects or services. You’ll gain hands-on experience with the latest AI tools, learning to apply them effectively to automate tasks, enhance creativity and learn when and how to effectively deploy these tools in your projects.
Moreover, an unparalleled educational experience in Silicon Valley offers an extraordinary chance to absorb wisdom directly from leaders in tech and design, further enhancing your ability to innovate and excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-enhanced design.


Master in AI for Design


Streaming modality


October 2024 to September 2025


Live online sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM [CET-CEST]. Bi-weekly Monday sessions, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, for additional workshops and guest lectures.


Module 1. AI Fundamentals

The applications of AI usage grow every day, making it necessary to have a key understanding of human/machine relationships and how they work alongside ethical considerations such as inclusivity, equity, transparency, security, and the societal impacts of AI. Students will understand how AI models learn on a scale based on the interpretation and synthesis of input data, pattern recognition, and language processing, and how these models use this learning for decision-making or making predictions.

Students will be equipped with a foundational understanding of AI mechanisms and familiarize themselves with fundamental concepts enabling them to grasp the potential and limitations of AI, not just understanding how AI works but also how to employ it ethically in design projects, ensuring that students can make informed decisions that respect societal values and contribute positively to their field.

Module 2. Advanced Human Intelligence Fundamentals

When thinking about using AI to tackle challenges, it’s important to consider the skills we need to focus on improving. Most importantly, we must strengthen our own human capabilities. In this module, students will emphasize the unique human skills essential for maximizing the benefits of AI in design, from analytical judgment and flexibility in problem-solving to emotional intelligence, creative assessment, intellectual curiosity, and bias detection.

This module aims to prepare students to leverage AI tools intelligently, maximizing their creative potential without losing sight of the human-centric aspects of design and decision-making.
Students will be empowered to refine their interpersonal skills, creativity, and ethical judgment. Additionally, it aims to cultivate a culture of creative assessment, encourage intellectual curiosity for lifelong learning, and develop strategies to identify and mitigate biases in design processes.

Module 3. AI Enhanced Workflows

The module focuses on the practical application of AI within design workflows, teaching students to seamlessly integrate AI tools to automate tasks, enhance creativity, and optimize design processes. Students will gain hands-on experience with AI technologies, learning when and how to effectively deploy them, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI in design, thereby elevating the quality and efficiency of their design outcomes.

Students will showcase their ability to not only improve efficiency and productivity in their work but also to push the boundaries of traditional design practices with AI-driven innovation. This module aims to prepare students for a future where AI is an integral part of the design process, enhancing their capability to lead and innovate in their respective fields.

Master’s Final Project

The Final Master Project represents the culmination of the Master in AI for Design, offering students the opportunity to apply everything they’ve learned in a comprehensive, real-world design challenge.

International Training Experience

Emphasizing the importance of global exposure, the Master in AI for Design offers students the opportunity to gain first-hand learning experience from industry leading companies and professionals in Silicon Valley. This immersive experience includes direct engagement at some of the world’s most innovative tech companies, offering invaluable insights into how AI and design are shaping the future.

  • Silicon Valley – San Francisco (USA): Students will spend a week to network with professionals and peers in the heart of the technology world.

AI for Design Talks

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Financial options

Financial aids

  • 5% discount for students and ex-students of Barreira A+D official studies.
  • *3% discount for early payment (*only cumulative discount).
  • For working professionals, the master’s degree can be subsidised by Fundae (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo, formerly Tripartita).
  • Barreira discounts. We offer three different scholarships, each requiring different roles, skills and benefits:
    • Tutor Scholarship (20%): you will have to develop administrative and creative tasks. This is the full tutor
    • Administrative Tutor Scholarship (15%): you will have to perform administrative tasks
    • Creative Tutor Scholarship (5%): you will have to develop creative tasks

Customised financing

For all our master’s degrees we have a BBVA Study Loan agreement, with which you can finance your studies at Barreira A+D with a system whereby students decide when to repay the amount borrowed. As in the Anglo-Saxon model, you will only pay when you finish your studies, when you find a job, or when you choose, from 30€ per month! We manage your tailor-made financing.

Subsidised training

This master’s degree, like the rest of the Barreira A+D master’s degrees, is subsidised. This means that you can take it thanks to the subsidised credits available to companies.

Barreira A+D is not only a training entity (a centre that offers subsidised training), but also an organising entity. This means that we also take care of preparing the documentation required to take a subsidised course, which means that Barreira A+D will make the whole process very easy for you.

If you want to take this master’s degree (or any other) with the subsidy, or if you need more information about how to do it, you can contact us at We will be happy to answer all your questions.

FAQ: Master in AI for Design

Who is this master's degree for?

Design professionals who want or need more knowledge about AI.

What skills do I need?

  • Analytical judgement (reasoning, analysing data)
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence, which is a skill that artificial intelligence lacks.
  • Creative evaluation
  • Intellectual curiosity

What will I learn in this master's degree?

  • How AI works and understand how it affects society
  • How to implement AI in our work as designers. This includes:
    • How to apply AI to routine tasks
    • How AI can help with tasks that need higher performance

Why this master's degree in AI and not another?

We prioritize humans over tools. While you will acquire knowledge of current tools, which often undergo frequent changes, our emphasis remains on the individual—the skilled design professional.

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Learn from the best professionals from all around the world, like the speakers you have seen during our AI Design Days.

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