Profesorado Barreira A+D

Arturo Ariño

Born in Mexico, graduated in product design at Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA). He started working as a Junior Designer for Mazel Ingenieros in Barcelona, where he studied a Master in Concept Art & Vehicles for Entertainment at CGMA.

Arturo has worked all around Europe, starting as an exterior designer, then he moved to BMW as a concept modeller for BMW Advanced, where he helped to develop many concepts from 2013 to 2015.

He then moved to Sweden, and worked as a transportation designer for Semcon (Volvo & NEVS). In 2017 joined Changan Automotive in Turin Italy, where he worked as Senior Exterior Designer.

He has continued his career as Senior Exterior Designer at Ford Motor Company since 2019 till the present day.
His most relevant work to date is the exterior design of the FORD TFZ-P1 Concept, which was built as a concept car and a race simulator for people to use, and it is having a tour around europe. The TFZ-P1 is the first concept car from Ford in the last 10 years.

Arturo has been always interested in the digital world and how the new technologies are affecting the analogical automotive industry. In this sense his last concept, the TFZ-P1 is the brands transition into the metaverse.