Máster Producción Creativa Digital

Barry St. John

Barry St John is a young producer with a background in VFX. His early career started in camera and lighting, but was quickly redirected upon meeting VFX / Co producer Joyce Cox. It was under Cox’s tutalage that Barry’s education in producing VFX was molded. By the time Cox was co producing another giant virtual production in The Jungle Book, Barry had evolved into a trusted VFX associate producer on the film.
Before The Jungle Book could premier, St John was breaking down and prepping with the team on Ready Player One, further lending his virtual production knowledge to another blockbuster film utilizing the ever evolving toolset. Shortly after completing the Directors cut on Ready Player One, St John was reunited with Favreau and team on the Lion King. 5 and a half years in a row, St John was fortunate enough to work on virtual productions helmed by two of the best filmmakers around.
St John is currently working on a Sony film where they have utilized Unreal Engine at Digital Domain to layout a massive 3rd act sequence. The evolution of the virtual production toolset continues to define new paths for filmmakers to effectively layout their films. We no longer live in a world where you send your Previs artists away with written notes. Directors can now participate in the blocking of a scene, in a set designed by the production designer, lit and framed by the cinematographer, assembled together by the editor, and presented to the studio as a true vision of the filmmakers intentions before you ever physically build or shoot a thing. Virtual production is not just about in camera solutions to lower ones budget, it is infinite in its applicability. Understanding how to build a pipeline with this new toolset around a filmmaker is something every producer should understand in order to further gain efficiencies while furthering the filmmakers vision. While many of vendors are now touting their virtual production toolsets, understanding the limitations of these toolsets, and managing this massive pipeline is still on the shoulders of the producers. This is more specific to Virtual production for a panel I am doing for the producers guild. Virtual Production is my mane focus or passion in films.