Scientific Committee Member of Barreira A+D International Design Conference

Damià Jordà

Damià Jordà (Alcoi, Spain, 1982) holds a PhD in Arts and and a master degree in multimedia production. His work is divided between teaching, research and artistic production. Currently serves as Innovative Learning Manager in Barreira Arte+Diseño (Spain). Develops his research around the relationship between audiovisual media representations and social issues, and also about concepts such as visual cultures and critical thinking.

His artistic practice focuses exclusively on audiovisual languages, on the hinge that links the videoart with the non-fiction and experimental films. His work is mainly characterized by the search for ways of expression through the construction of essays and visual poems, using moving images to discover links with our environment, with the mass-media and with modern social rituals.

His artistic work has been shown in galleries and museums in cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Oslo, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico DF or Buenos Aires. His academical work has been discussed also in several international conferences and published in journals and books.