Profesorado Barreira A+D

Maria Axelsen

I am driven by my passion for a more conscious approach to business and I have a strong determination to induct longevity and circular economy in the companies I work for. My experience in supporting and consulting brands and companies of all sizes with their technical product development, planning and process optimization has given me strong skills in assessing challenges and developing new structures. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people in the textile business- thereby constantly broadening my horizon. I have management experience from previous positions which has provided me with extensive and diverse skills and given me a good understanding of both the technical and commercial processes of the textile industry. I hold a bachelor in Sustainable Communication– along with additional courses within sustainable materials and supply-chain management and project management. I believe that sustainable and responsible values is an inevitable part of running a business today and I wish to work with likeminded people who share my beliefs towards a more sustainable fashion industry. I contribute a great deal of care and respect for my colleagues and clients and I am not afraid of constructive discussions

and taking the lead in new challenges.

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