Jaime Hayón

Revamp Porky's

Barreira A+D is glad to announce the season partnership with Domaine de Boisbuchet. This workshop will be held in English in their beautiful chateau in Lessac, France.


Revamp Porky's



Special price for Barreira A+D students: 890€
Special price for Barreira A+D: 990€
Accommodation, full board, materials and tuition are included in the price

Fecha y horario

June 27th – July 3rd

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Detalles del curso

Porky’s is an institution. 30 year’s ago, when Boisbuchet’s workshops started, participants and staff installed their party venue in the Domaine’s old pig stables, which today are the library. Later on, Porky’s had been transferred to the chateau’s run-down basement and kept it’s original name, which still fits perfectly the character of the weekly costume parties. Over the years however, the condition of this dark space featuring a dancefloor, a bar, a lounge, and a dungeon has not at all improved.

Boisbuchet now gives you the chance to design and realize a new interior for what many famous designers call one of the world’s most exclusive party locations. There is no better occasion to celebrate Boisbuchet’s anniversary, so let’s make this the hottest and coolest Porky’s ever!


Jaime Hayón

Artist designer

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